Four Minutes

Today I found the max amount of time I can hold a wall sit.  It was the longest four minutes of my life.
Wall Sit
30 seconds in I thought I’d be the first to fold.  The muscles in my legs instantly seized up and started to shake. To relieve the pain I began making small shifts in the muscles I was using to hold myself up which alleviated my discomfort only slightly. Next I focused on the following mantra: “Pain is just the weakness leaving my body, Pain is just weakness leaving my body…”
And then the pain let up.  For a matter of seconds, but it let up and I started to breath.  As the discomfort and shaking came in waves I thought about the contractions I experienced during child birth or heart ache I had experienced throughout my life and counted my breaths going in and out.  “Breathe in: one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi.  Breathe out: one, two three.”  I remembered being told that we average 10 to 15 breaths per minute and I focused on the belief that the pain would dissipate within a couple of breaths just like it did in all the other situations I had encountered.  And it did.
Breathing Through Contractions
In four minutes I relived a good number of the most hurtful moments I have experienced over my lifetime as my legs cramped up.  And then I exhaled them away as my muscles recharged.  At 3 minutes and 40 seconds I set a 20 second goal and reveled in my strength.  At four minutes I collapsed onto the floor smiling, sweating, shaking and feeling empowered.
My new mantra, the one that keeps me running, lifting, and wall sitting like a crazy woman: “Strength is beauty, strength is freedom, strength is moving on.”

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