Epiphany from A Four Minute Fail

Today I barely made it through a grueling Empire Athletics CrossFit class. Once again my ego got me into trouble as I packed a large amount weight onto my bar and insisted I could handle it and get through the workout in 4 minutes as requested by my coach Merinda Parazoo. Halfway through the workout, four minutes in, I realized how wrong I was and as exhaustion and humiliation hit l desperately looked at Merinda and told her I needed to pull weight to complete the thing. She asked me where I was at in the workout and when I told her half way she said “keep going, pick up the bar and do them one at a time.”

I didn’t think I would make it through, but one by one I got closer to the finish. When I would stop she was right there saying “Take three breaths and pick it up.” I did and I finished at eight minutes with no reduced weight.

Tonight I was watching some footage from a video that was taken while attending a crossfit class with Merinda last week and for the first time I heard the whole experience from her point of view. Every time I paused or looked like I was stopping she would say “Pick it up!” under her breath. I could hear her straining along with me and the others in the room. She was working right alongside us. She was 100% invested in our success. I was comforted. I wasn’t in it alone.

That’s when the importance of the relationship between a trainer and his/her student hit me. It requires a bond based on trust and respect which is in general a difficult (near impossible) thing to find. But as a friend pointed out tonight, the experience of having someone help you get through pain and strife is a powerful thing. And that’s exactly what my coaches do. They get me through it and more importantly they help me realize, no, believe that I can get myself through it. That I am strong enough.

I have no doubt that I wouldn’t be where I am today without both of my coaches (Mike Wild and Miranda). I also know that I can’t reach my goals without them and I trust them to get me there. More importantly, after today, I am confident that eventually there will be a time when I know I can get through the hard stuff all on my own…because I’ll be strong enough.

Much gratitude goes out to both Merinda and Mike tonight as I sit slumped and lifeless on couch.

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