Mama Mantra

It’s been a week since I ran my first 50k and I’m still recovering.  Not only am I still recovering; I’m also still working on both the blog and the video from the race.  Basically I’m moving real slow and it sucks.

Lisa and Phoenix on today’s walk

Today was the first day since the race that I felt like I could handle a real walk.  The soreness in my legs is all gone, my toes are mostly healed, and I had gotten a full night’s sleep. So feeling hopeful, I recruited my good friend, Lisa Riley, and my oldest daughter, Phoenix, to join me on my little adventure.

Lisa and Phoenix were two of my biggest supporters during and after my 50k.  Phoenix met me a half mile from the finish line and ran me all of the way in and Lisa put together a wonderful care package including Epsom salts and body rub as soon as I realized I’d be stuck on the couch. So I figured who could possibly be better to join me in my first “I’m back in the game” walk?

Let’s just say, the walk didn’t go how I had hoped.  Only a half mile out from home severe fatigue set in and I quickly realized I had to shorten the 3 mile route I’d hoped to make.  The change in rout forced us to cut our way through some prickly shrubs in a field which terrified Phoenix who was just sure a snake was going to jump out and bite her.  She went from enjoying the rather laid back walk to muttering her irritation under her breath.  At first I found myself annoyed with her poor attitude especially when she was supposed to be supporting my first physical efforts since the race but when I listened to her a little bit closer what I realized is that she had made up a mantra to sooth her fears so that she could go on and here is what she was saying:  “Strong as my mama. Strong as my mama.”

Since the 50k I’ve had many people ask if it was worth it.  My answer has wavered up until today.  Today, the answer to that question is “undoubtedly YES!”

Phoenix running me to the finish line at the Flagline Trailfest 50k.
(By Annette)

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