Olive to Run

The first folder I created to hold photos and writings from my running adventures with Susan is called “Two Girls Running.” The name never changed.  Not even when we officially became Run Girl Run.  When I first started running with Susan, about two years ago, the only thing that got me out the door was having a partner, a girlfriend, female companionship.

As you can imagine, I have been doing quite a bit of sulking since Susan moved to Vancouver.  My loyal running buddy is now far away and I have had to make many a lone run in the days since her departure…well kind of.

Today’s Snowy Run

Susan was to come to Bend this weekend and for a number of reasons we both agreed, just this morning, that next weekend would be better. After getting off the phone I grabbed Olive, my 8ish year old dog, and headed out the door for a snowy run – something I have been doing since Susan left.  There is a field behind my house that has a 1 mile dirt road loop where both Olive and my mind can run free.  As I rounded the turn of my second mile I was lost, wallowing in my friendless sorrows, and happened to look up just in time to see Olive bounding towards me through the falling snow looking very puppy like and filled with joy.  Immediately a smile spread across my face and I called to her so we could race each other for a bit (something we do regularly…yes, she humors me.)

Sun and Snow Run

For the rest of the run, and for the first time, I seriously considered her companionship.  Since Susan has been gone Olive accompanies me on every run.  She now anticipates our outings and knows that when I put my running shoes on we are about to hit the trail, and without even knowing it we have developed a physical and verbal form of communication that allows her to anticipate when I’m going to turn , stop, unleash her, or bind us together.  Nothing “by the book” just slight hand jesters, whispered words I barely realize I am even speaking.

A Recent Night Run

When I finally got home I started going through my photos and you will see my folder is still full of photos of two girls running, and doing yoga, and resting, and raising babes…
Companionship comes in so many different forms none of which should be taken for granted.

Yoga by Candle Light (Power Outage)
Raising Babes

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