Pieces of Me: Roots


Pieces of me: An effort to compile past writings. Lost pieces I’ve found. Unfinished pieces I’ve completed. Ideas that finally became more.


By Annette Benedetti


Written May 23, 2010

Worked out in the yard again today with one last flowerbed that needed to freed from weeds. I was shocked at how deep the long grass roots ran as I began jerking them from the ground. A wide array of unwanted plant life had grown up around otherwise healthy shrubs, plants, and flowers that are aching to bloom.

At first I was standing stooped over planning to tug just a couple of vines out, but as I pulled, my thoughts began to travel backward as they often do. Before long I was on my hands and knees yanking and digging and chopping away. As my mind and body worked in unison, I noticed how closely some memories resemble weeds. Those difficult moments in our life that we bury and try to hide from ourselves and others. Carefully packed away, they seem harmless at first—easily ignored— but when left too long, they begin to grow.

Like weeds, they grow roots that push deep and gain strength. They wrap around the healthy parts of us that want to develop, bloom, and flourish. They choke our full potential until it begins to suffocate and whither.

Pulling those weeds was cathartic. Feeling the roots rip, come loose, and slip out of the ground reminded me that I am much stronger than anything that came before. It also reminded me that the only way to move forward and become whatever it is that I am  meant to be, is to unbind myself from the past and choose to live free again.

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