Try, Try, Try for Ten Thousand Years

Nothing quite like cameoing in someone’s blog. Especially this particular blog. Find the gaps and try, try, try. I needed this message today.

Mugak in Oregon

Still here. I was commuting 2.5-3 hours roundtrip every day to work, but I’ve moved and am much closer. Hopefully that means a routine can be established for many things that have slipped.

Which is where I’m going with this post. The founder of our Zen school would close out his letters sometimes with “I hope you only go straight – don’t know, keep a mind that is clear like space, try, try, try for ten thousand years nonstop, attain enlightenment, and save all being from suffering.” How do you try, try, try for ten thousand years nonstop when you are hardly home or, when at home, so exhausted all you can muster is whatever dinner you can forage and an hour of mindless TV before slouching to bed?

Though writing clearly just dropped off entirely, meditation did not – it just took on a different flavor and energy. I…

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