Pictures and Poems.

City of Portland

By Annette Benedetti

For years I have had dreams of collaborating with artists and photographers: my words, their images. When I write, I SEE my poems not in words, but in pictures, snapshots, and short videos.

While I still hope to have collaborative opportunities in the future, I have to accept that I can’t have a professional photographer with me every time I am out and about and find myself inspired by something I see. Up until now, I have used my crappy phone camera to take photos that I later pair with something I have written allowing me to carefully avoid unpacking my unused Cannon camera. Overwhelmed by the idea of having to learn how to use yet another device, I’ve kept it packed away hoping my phone would make due—but it has not. With important trips coming up that will require solid photography, and creative goals that demand more than just my pen, I have decided to take on the challenge of learning to take decent pictures on my own.

After watching a few videos and reading part of the Cannon manual, I went on my first photographic adventure today. Here are a few of my best shots. I’m challenging myself to take at least a couple photos every day for the next couple of months. I will regularly post my favorites here and then hopefully look back and see some improvement over time.

Hey Jude
My Sun.
Tulip Festival
Spring in Portland is poetry in full color.


handprint art
Handprint. At the Catholic Church down the block.
Handprint Art
Hand in handprint
Flying Heart
Flying heart.

Annette Benedetti

Annette Benedetti
Coffee warning
Annette Benedetti photography
Hidden things. Little soldier.
Annette Benedetti Photography
Tits and ass?
City of Portland
City of Portland 1915. Just outside my door.
Annette Benedetti Photography
Young love.

Annette Benedetti

Annette Benedetti

Annette Benedetti Photography
Hide and seek.

Annette Benedetti

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