Poems, Photos, and Farts. Oh my!


Oh today was goooood. I mean, really good. I’ve been in the creative zone all day long.

It all started this morning when I woke up to find out I had been featured in this sweet little blog that is written by one of my very favorite editors (he corrects me all the time). Feelin’ just a little special, I made it to work 20 minutes early — just enough time to take these super funky shots.

Annette Benedetti Photography

Annette Benedetti Photography

Annette Benedetti Photography

Annette Benedetti Photography

Sure, once again I fumbled with the buttons and switches and hoped for the best after each shot, but somehow I knew today was going to be better.

So I went to work and words just seemed to flow with every task I tackled. I moved from one copy job, to the next, to the next — and even had this crazy moment of inspiration and puked out a damn good first draft of a poem on paper in less than 20 minutes.

Every co-worker I talked to was cool and fun and friendly, and when I chatted with my boss I felt like we were totally on the same page, and we were all like, “He-ey!”

Amy Poehler
I didn’t take this pic, this is just how I felt.

And in the evening, right before yoga class, I couldn’t help but eat this chicken, walnut, grape salad concoction, even though I knew it was risky. Sure enough as soon as I sat down in the car to drive to class at The People’s Yoga, I felt the gas building up and instantly I thought, “Oh fuck!”

But I stopped myself and instead I thought, “I got this!” And sure enough, I did.

I mean at one point I found myself balancing my thighs on my forearms in some weird twisty arm balance that shoots your butt up in the air while holding some weird mid-air abdominal crunch — and not even a whisper of air escaped me!

Total yogic success!

Oh! At noon, my awesome editor friend (who happened to bring his smiley face ukulele to work) went on a little walk with me and let me try, try, again to capture his portrait. And in the middle of all my fumbling I hit a button that suddenly allowed me to do all of these cool things, and made everything make a whole hell of a lot more sense. I even think I got a couple of decent photos out of the session.






Like I said, today was goo-ood!

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