Eggs-traordinary Easter Photos

Easter Eggs

Ok, so maybe they aren’t all that eggs-traordinary, but I was sitting here with my daughter trying to think up names for this post and she got all punny on me. She was cracking herself up with, “Eggs-ellent and Eggs-traordinary” so I had to go with it.

Anyways, today has been full of motion and color and light and rain. It’s been all about sugar and running and screaming and laughing (and a little crying). So it’s only appropriate that I focused today’s shoots on taking action shots. I read up on how to best capture pics of my kids while they are in motion, and after a couple quick tutorials I did my best. Below are my favorite photos from today. Most of them capture and communicate motion and action (I hope), but some of them are just…well…cool (imho).

I hope your Easter was wonderful and full of light and life. Have a wonderful night.

I’m trying a new format. I’ll post one or two of my best pics and then attach a gallery for you to sort through if you see something you’d like to check out. 

Washington Park Portland
Faster than a speeding bullet.

Easter-Day Gallery


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