Bubbles and Boys

Bubbles, photography

I imagine every mother with a camera has tried to capture beautiful photos of her children blowing bubbles. They are magical—the way they shimmer and float. But it was the look of awe and the spark that lit up Jude’s eyes that made taking photos of him so fun this evening. I’m beginning to realize that the key to a shoot with truly good possibilities is being playful and natural. Posed shoots don’t really work with my kids unless I get them playing and being silly first. But once I let go of expectation and they let go of all of the things that make them feel self conscious and stiff, good shit happens.

As you can imagine, I took hundreds of shots tonight. I just recieved my intro to photography book and need to get some reading in before I pass out, so I only exported a couple to share. I have plenty more I will work on and post later. I am still struggling with focus a bit and I have to learn color control which is currently left somewhat up to luck and clumsy adjustments. Here are the shots I find most interesting. Hope you do too.


2 thoughts on “Bubbles and Boys

  1. You’re an artist, Annette. Not because of your talent, but more your heart, your insight, and how deeply you feel. I’ll have a hard time not feeling over matched on our photo shoots.


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