Poppin’ Tags

It’s late. I got caught up in digging through photos this evening and now it’s way later than I thought so I’ll make this quick. Today’s photo adventure was a real challenge and ridiculously fun!

My co-worker Kris, who models for real photographers, was awesome and played along with my crazy schemes. What do you do when you need to get some photo practice in during your lunch break but you are stuck in an area in Vancouver that isn’t particularly pleasing to the eye?

You move your shoots inside! Vancouver is full of interesting stores that make unexpectedly fun places to shoot photos. Lighting was a huge challenge for me. It’s something I’ll have to study over the weekend. But Kris was great and some pretty awesome pics came out of our little adventure.

So here’s what happens when Kris Wilhelmy and I *Queue music* hit Value Village and start poppin tags.


Annette Benedetti, Kristin Wilhelmy
5 finger discount

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