Bright Spots On Dreary Days

Portland, Annette Benedetti

By Annette Benedetti

Sometimes even when things are good, they are dreary. With the new addition to our family comes the unavoidable reality that I will be losing my dear friend Olive soon. Maybe it was lack of sleep from late night puppy hiccups, maybe it was missing a loved one, or maybe it was the knowledge that my time with my companion is coming to an end—whatever it was—I was down today. Sniffling behind my computer at work. Sobbing to pop songs on the radio during my commute. Tears pooling in my ears during savasana, at this evening’s yoga class.

You get the point. Really…it was quite dramatic (*hangs head in shame*). Anyway, on the bright side, I just spent some time reviewing photos I took while on a Spring walk with my friend and co-creative Kris Wilhelmy. The colors! The light! So beautiful. It reminded me of how much I love this area, this town—Portland. I don’t think I have ever seen anyplace as beautiful as Portland in the Spring.

So here are today’s bright spots. Hope you enjoy them.

Portland, Annette Benedetti

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