Parvo and False Positives

Parvo, Puppy

Yesterday little Scout fell ill.  At the vet, a stool sample was taken, tests were run and he was declared positive for Parvo. Fortunately, that particular vet wasn’t equipped to treat Parvo (a very expensive course of treatment). A long night followed which included cuddling and syringe feeding Scout pedialyte. This morning, a trip to the Oregon State Humane Society’s medical center revealed that Scout’s previous diagnosis was a false positive! Apparently, stool tests aren’t very accurate and the results can be confused by vaccinations.

After receiving subcutaneous fluids, a dose of anti-nausea medication, and antibiotics; I was able to bring Scout home. He is now perked up and back his perfect puppy self. Well, perfect except for the new “I’m going to chew everything I can get my mouth on” behavior.

Here are some pics from the day’s puppy drama.

Parvo, Puppy


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