Turning 41


Today was my 41st birthday and it was so special.  I learned that Rain is my actual mini-me when she surprised me with some poetry of her own:

Mom is a red that belongs in the sunset.
Mom is a wolf. Fierce, brave, and hunting its prey.
Mom is Portland. Big, beautiful, and sturdy.
Mom is Yoga. Twisting, turning, and relieving.
Mom is poetry. Soothing and sweet.
Mom is running. One in front of the other
over and over.
Mom is writing. Word after word.
Mom is wonderful and special.

By Rain Benedetti

2 thoughts on “Turning 41

  1. hello Annette,
    Many happy returns of the day… I wish you happiness and prosperity.
    Chronologically you may be 41, but biologically you looks 25…This is all due to your taking care for yourself.
    Your Well Wisher Program


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