Not Giving Up. Giving In.

I was just sitting here reminiscing over the first 41 years of my life when it hit me — I have spent most of my life concentrating on being “better than” and “the best at” — and as a result I have always felt less than and worse at.

Only now, 41 years after my birth, have I realized that true success and the most profound satisfaction comes from fully giving in, letting go, and coming into and accepting myself. This means appreciating the unique combination of character traits, emotions, personality quirks, and physical perfections and imperfections that make me someone no one else in this infinite universe is exactly like.

Embracing and enjoying that truth allows me to let go of the struggle and just enjoy the shit out of my life! It allows me to let go of competition and love that young girl who blasts past me while running, and celebrate that 35-year-old woman with a flatter belly than mine, and be in awe of that fledgling writer who spins beautiful poetry without difficulty. Loving comes easier. Connection becomes less complicated. The path forward so much clearer, and I am grateful for every step I get to take as Me.


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