Dirty Bird

Thanksgiving, Turkey, Annette Benedetti

This Thanksgiving was perfect. Good friends hosted a group of us at their beautiful home. They provided tasty food, delicious drinks, and the best holiday experience we have had in years (sending so much love out to the Fosnaughs.) The day was filled with excellent food, relatively happy kids, and games.

There was only one complication: the turkey wouldn’t brown or close its legs.

Ok, ok. This probably sounds ridiculous to all of the domestic divas out there, but I’ve only made a Thanksgiving turkey once in my life and I forgot all about the stuffing and the tying of the legs that’s supposed to happen part way through (and let’s be honest—all of that added work is neither necessary or worthwhile.)

So what do you do when the Thanksgiving Turkey isn’t browning and refuses to keep her legs shut? You have another drink, take some pics, and indulge in some food porn for a while.

PS. The Turkey was excellent!

Thanksgiving, Turkey, Annette Benedetti
Early in the afternoon.


Thanksgiving, Turkey, Annette Benedett
Come to think of it, it did seem like something was missing.
Thanksgiving, Turkey, Annette Benedetti
The whole “browned” thing is overrated. I promise.



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