Sneakin Santa Pics

Santa, Pioneer Place Portland

On Sunday, I was in downtown Portland with the kiddos checking out Pioneer Place when a true Christmas miracle took place. We happened upon Santa and NO ONE was in line. Not one  mother, not one  child, not the people manning the Santa stand who force you to buy their crappy photos—just Santa. And this Santa was perfect. Like, he was the real thing. We just stood there looking at him in stunned disbelief! Do you know what happened next? He waved my kids over to him.

Just. Like. That.

Here I had been dreading the trip to visit Santa: The hours of waiting in line, the tears, the awkward rush to get it over so the next child can get their Santa time in, haggling with Santa’s Elves. All of that dread suddenly evaporated and in its place shock set in. Next, panic hit. I had just put my camera away! And the lighting in the mall was dark and I had no time to experiment with test lighting shots.

Oh well. Here is the best of what I got. My photos don’t do this Santa justice at all. What a cool spirit he was. It turns out he was on break and just decided to treat some kids to a free experience.

After my kids were done, he sat and waved at passersby and shouted cheer to the top levels of the mall.

Maybe I do believe afterall.

Santa, Pioneer Place Portland


Santa, Pioneer Place Portland


Santa, Pioneer Place Portland


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