Feel the Fur: Dog, Dog, Dog…Cat! Cat!

Red Dog, Photography, Benedetti Creative

Yesterday’s shoot gave me the opportunity to capture the spirit of five wonderful, furry children in photos. The Ireland/Price family consists of Jeff and Cindy and their three dogs: Bodi, Chopper, and Meeko— and two cats: Spike and Drusilla.

Taking photos of the Ireland/Price children definitely challenged my photography skills. I had to learn to adjust the focus, shutter speed, iso, and aperture settings on my camera efficiently  while staying on my toes so I didn’t miss any fun photo opportunities that might pop up at a moment’s notice.

If you are an animal lover, you will fall in love with this beautiful spirits.

Photography, dogs, puppies, Annette Benedetti
From left to right: Meeko, Bodhi, Chopper


Dog, Photography, Annette Benedetti, Benedetti Creative




Red Dog, Photography, Benedetti Creative
Bodhi. This is one of my favorites.


Grey Dog, Annette Benedetti, Photography
Jeff and Chopper


Bodhi, Chopper...you tell me...
Bodhi, Chopper…you tell me…


Cats, Kitty, Photography, Annette Benedetti


Cats, Kittens, Photography, Benedetti


Black cat, Photography, Annette Benedetti


Black Cat, Benedetti Creative, Photography


Grey Dog, Photography, Annette Benedetti

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