Best Savasana Poem

I absolutely have been sticking to my 2015 New Year’s Resolution. However, the vast majority of what I have written has been uncomfortably terrible. After writing marketing copy all day, it can be hard to switch gears.

On the bright side, in my desperation I have found that snapping photos and forcing myself to return to the mat, even when I would rather skip showering and lose myself in a good Netflix binge, does wonders for my writing. So I guess this post is just an update. It’s just me sharing a little epiphany. Something that shouldn’t be surprising at all.

Oh! Also, today I saw that someone had landed on my site after searching “best savasana poem.”

Damn, that made me feel good. I needed a little boost. What a wonderful search term! And it lead someone to my page.

Now, my eyes are crossing. It’s time for bed. I’m going to lay down and try to think of what to write about savasana so the next time someone lands on my site after they type in those words, they don’t feel utterly confused.


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