Bird Battle

Blue Jay, Portland Photographer, Annette Benedetti

It’s late and I’ve been editing photos all day for a job. I wanted to throw these up for fun. Saturday I witnessed a bird battle in my front yard. A couple of blue jays had really pissed off a hummingbird. I don’t think I have ever seen an angry hummingbird before, but this little lady was very unhappy. I grabbed my camera (I’ve mentioned my love of birds before) thinking this would be a great opportunity to practice shooting wildlife. Well, as it turns out, I’m terrible at capturing birds on camera. I had the wrong lense on and they were moving so fast, I just couldn’t get them.

I tried to capture them diving at each other (and me once or twice). Here are the few photos I really liked. I was shooting from directly beneath the birds. If you look closely you can see the shape of the blue jay, and you will see it has a little berry or nut clutched in its mouth. So cool! I imagine there are babies or eggs nearby. In the second set of photos you can see the humming bird sitting on a telephone wire right across from the tree. He’s sitting there yelling at the blue jay.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and heading to bed. I just thought these were kind of neat!

Blue Jay, Portland Photography, Annette Benedetti



Blue Jay, Portland Photography, Annette Benedetti



Hummingbird , Portland Photographer, Annette Benedetti



hummingbird, Portland Photographer, Annette Benedetti



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