Into the Forest

Mt. Rainier, Portland Photographer

There’s nothing quite like venturing into the forest with girlfriends. It’s liberating, soulful, and inspiring. And regardless of how close you are when you head in, you emerge from the trees even closer.

I’m fortunate enough to work for Three Bears Lodge, and am sometimes given the opportunity to stay in one of their cabins while taking photos of either the property or of Mt. Rainier and the surrounding area. This past week I stayed in this amazing lodge with two of my favorite adventure companions, Brittney Devan and Bess Dwyer.

It was an amazing two days. They joined me on some breathtaking hikes. We walked through falls, around lakes, up the mountain and heard and elk call out. We even saw a bear…and promptly ran like hell (no pics…just a lot of sprinting down the mountain).

After our hikes, we spent hours in the hot tub, drank wine, cooked incredible meals, ate chocolate, and watched Thelma and Louise (thanks to Brittney—pretty sure I love her ten times more now).

Bess and Britt were incredibly patient with my constant request for photos. Here are just a couple of my favorites. I can’t possibly express how much I adore these two women, so hopefully the images will do the telling for me.

Mt. Rainier, Portland Photographer





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