Last Days of Fall

Sometimes you meet people that ignite and feed your creativity. True creative collaboration has been a rare but beautiful thing in my life that I often crave. I feel like I struck gold when I met Lauren Elizabeth Gardner. She has been many things: a coffee slinger, circus performer, singer, and a woman with a mad passion for costuming. But when we get together, she slips seamlessly between being an actress and model  and an artistic director.

I’m absolutely in love with these photos from an impromptu shoot while on a walk in Laurelhurst Park on one of the last, most beautiful days of fall. We were walking and talking about some heartfelt hard things when Lauren began encouraging me to take some shots. The collaboration was natural and productive.

In my mind, the images are everything that fall is: magical, mysterious, surreal. A couple of them look more like paintings than photographs to me making it difficult to tell where the real ends and the fantasy begins.

For me autumn represents the end of one thing and the beginning of the other — the exquisite combination of loss and hope. I see much of that in these.






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