By Annette Benedetti

The widespread epidemic
reveals its presence in an image
of your face captured at arms length
turned this way and that
+++++++++++=to find the
++++++++++++++++++++exact position
will make them believe
+++++++++++++++what you do not.

Taken from above thins
you out.
+++Jut your jaw
to remove the double chin
which when tilted
+++++++++slightly towards the sun
+++++++++++++++with lips gently parted,
makes you look innocent
and enticing
to those who never cared
+++++++++to know you.

Pucker up to hollow out
+++++++++++your cheeks
which used to become round
and warm my hands
when filled with joy.
The way I like you best,
+++++++++but you are no more.

Always looking for the
picture perfect moment
that will make them fall in love.
Like you are falling
++++++++++and falling
+++++++++++++++and falling
+++++++++++++++++++++++in love

as I fall out.

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